Cometa Sewing Machines

Cometa F867-CH

1 or 2-needle Flat bed sewing machine single and twin needle, triple feed and double chain stitch. Suitable for car upholstery, mattresses and bedding.

Cometa P2003

1-needle P2003 is a electro-manual flat machine for heavy and light threads. It allows to sew in an automatic way 200 kinds of stitches with the new electronic system...

Cometa P2008

1 to 2-needles Post-bed machine suitable for sewing from medium to heavy materials, such as fabrics, leather, vinyl. It allows difficult stitching of complicated half-op...

Cometa VBR 02

2-needles Machine with an overturned arm, triple transport and knotted stitch, suitable for the sewing of shoes, lather wear and clothing articles. Machine with a brand...

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