Supreme Sewing Machines

Supreme CSM-254-ZD

Automatic Double Needle Belt Looper Industrial Sewing Machine Miami  This machine streamlines procedures of four workers as cutting belt, bartacking, carrying and o...

Supreme CSM-3020G-03A

  Punching machine Punching machine: punch holes on shoes upper. The sewing patterns can be programmable on computer. Compared with the traditional solution, no cu...

Supreme CSM-2210DH-ASN

Automatic Sewing Pocket Decorative Stitching Sewing Machine The machine is mainly used for pocket decorative stitch sewing for work wear, jeans and casual wear. The elec...

Supreme CSM-2210-MJ-ADN

Dual Needles Automatic Sewing Placket Line Sewing Machine CSM-2210G-01MJ "J" stitch sewing machine: is for J stitch sewing on jeans, leisure trousers, uniforms, etc. The...

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