Supreme Sewing Machines

Supreme CSM-3020-TD-MSN

Porgrammable Pocket Setter The machine can be used for sewing process of rear pockets in various fields, such as jeans, casual pants, uniforms, work clothes, etc. ; the...

Supreme CSM-2210-GB-01-A

Programmable Pocket Pattern Sewing Machine The highest speed reaches 2700rpm, and production efficiency improves further. As it uses direct-drive motor by the Supreme C...

Supreme CSM-430GA-01

Computer-controlled direct-drive lockstitch bar tacking machine: -01 is used for medium-thick materials. And it is mainly used to sew various menswear, women’s dres...

Supreme CSM-430GA-03

Automatic punching sewing machine is a specific equipment for cap hole sewing. Punching, feeding and sewing can be finished in one time.Before sewing it, it can automatic...

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