Cometa VBO


Two possible versions:

Cometa VBO Triple Port
Triple feeding machine, with swinging arm and large hook. Suitable for stitching bags, cases, briefcases. Boots and shoes in general. It’s an extremely innovating machine wich allows the sewing even of side finishes very close to the borders, thanks to the particular needle plate and above all to the feed dog which enables a very linear feeding with the result of a perfectly uniform stitching. In addition, the revolutionary swinging arm, allows the easy inserting of bags very small or very big.

Cometa VBO Double Feeding
Machine with oscillating arm, large hook, needle feed and alternating feet.
It is suitable for sewing bags, travelling bags, cases, briefcases, boots and shoes in general.
Designed according to a very new concept, the machine allows the sewing of folds and side finishes very close to the borders, as well as of very small or very big and rigid bags, thanks to the oscillating arm which moves in synchrony with the operator’s chair.