Golden Wheel CS-8822

Golden Wheel

The Golden Wheel CS-8822 is a double needle, with top/bottom roller feed, postbed sewing machine (with automatic under trimming, backtacking, roller presser lifting, mini servo motor and large hook).

This machine is convenient for sewing long pieces as well as with thick thread.

Special Features:

  • Interchangeable needle plate mechanism (you only need to replace the plate place) reducing maintenance cost of parts.
  • Mini servo motor that allows energy saving and reduces noise.
  • Automatic under trimming that makes cutting thread quietly and with a very short thread-end left.
  • Automatic presser foot lifting.
  • Backtacking (the press button is under the machine head, easy for operation)
  • Needle feed, wheel feed and driver roller presser feeding mechanism.
  • The patented backtacking clutch mechanism runs steadily making sure the forward an backtacking stitching to overlap entirely.