Jack JK-T688


This machine is equipped with computerized digital control system, which could adjust sewing speed, needle gauge and stitch length.

The machine has automatic lifter of presser foot and knee lifter of presser foot and has the function of auto-trimming and manual-trimming. It has half needle adjustment button, positive and negative pin-point shift button by foot, and back tacking function.

The stitches could the changed free, and 1000 kinds of different hand stitches could be stored into the program.
It is also provided with needle protector, which means the needles will no break even under the conditions of high-speed sewing thick fabrics and turning the material. Besides special threads, it could also use high-quality thread of reduce thread cost.

Due to crocheting design, putting thread into hooked needle is all that you have to do.
Spin the thread loosening button to active thread loosening fingers to meet the requirement of loosening the stitches to sew thin fabric.