Kansai Special WX-8803F

Kansai Special

1 to 4-needle

WX series is a flatbed, high speed, high performance, with top and bottom coverstitch that have from 1 needle (model LX) to 4 needles (model WX-8803-1S).

It is possible to be applied for many types of fabric and operation like plain stitch, covering, attaching elastic lace, taping, attaching pocket facing, shell stitching plus tape binding, and so on.

Stitch length can be adjusted by pushbutton easily (Max. about 4mm, 6 stitch/ inch).

This series is most suitable for knit fabrics in order to produce uniform, flexible and beautiful stitch formation.


EMK: 3-needle Elastic feeding device + front fabric cutter

UF: Machine with (Top) upper feed dog (Top and bottom differential feed machine)

S: Shell stitching plus tape binding (easy to change 3 kinds of shell size)

WX-8842-1: Coverstitch machine for attaching pocket facings

L: 2 Needle Attaching line tapes machine


UTC-A (UTC-E): Pneumatic-Automatic upper and lower thread trimmer (or electric type)

UTC-AW (UTC-EW): Pneumatic-Automatic under thread trimmer (or electric type) + electric wiper

MC-30A (MC-30E): Pneumatic type tape cutting device (or Electric type)

CS-1: Automatic vacuum chain cutter