Mauser Spezial MA590

Mauser Spezial

1 or 2-needle

Post-bed high-speed seamer for shoe manufacturing

Covers all top-stitching work with single or two needles in the shoe production. Ornamental and assembly seams on classic and sport shoes can be sewn easily and in a top seam quality. The whole range of light to medium-heavy materials is covered here

Special features:

New high-class design for the shoe industry.

Easily adjustable thread trimmer for short thread ends (up to 15/3 syn.).

Overload clutch for hook protection

Easily and accurately adjustable needle guard.

Sub class and additional equipment:

• -725/04 Edge trimming mechanism, bottom driven.

• -900/83 Powerful and reliable thread trimmer (electromagnet control) for thread sizes up to15/3 syn.

• -910/17 Electromagnetically controlled presser foot lift with additional knee lever for intermediate roller presser lift; no compressed air required.

• -911/37 Electromagnetically controlled backtacking device with additional hand switch on sewing head for intermediate tacking.

• -940/02 Dome-shaped needle plate for MA 571 and MA 591 Standard on machines without a thread trimmer. On machines with a thread trimmer, the thread trimming block must be removed. (Loosen only two Allen screws).